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Tweaked System Files

System Files for Windows XP WITH NO SP1 installed
(no more in development)

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26.10.2002 - Shell32.dll updated By popular request, I've updated the shell32.dll file. It includes the new log-off tweaked dialog, altough there is an issue: when you switch a theme, the dialog "Please wait" will look messed up. Anyway, it's a very small price to pay. (See screenshot)

This is my collection of tweaked system files. Almost all the icons in these files was replaced with their Mac OS X counterpart, so replacing your system files with this ones you'll achieve a more "aqua" experience with your Windows box.

The icons was replaced very carefully in order to don't lose usability or misgive the GUI concept. Many of the icons in Windows have some kind of replacement on Mac OS X (or viceversa) but, when was impossible match the concept exactly, the icon wasn't replaced (there are very few cases).

Please let me know if you have comments or questions using my Contact Page. Specially, I'll be very interested in know about issues or bugs using this files, you could help to the community reporting any kind of problem.

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This files are intended ONLY for use with Windows XP english, retail version WITH NO Service Packs installed.
¡Very important! Please be sure to backup ALL your system files before replace them with this ones. I'll don''t accept any kind of responsability about damage to your system or data loss.
Mac, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.,registered in the U.S. and other Countries.
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