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Tweaked System Files

System Files for Windows XP with Service Pack 1 installed

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Fully rebuild from scratch, this is the final release of my set of System Files ready for Windows XP SP1. This files are modified in order to transform your system changing the GUI icons, bitmaps (such as the explorer toolbars) and some windows dialogs (such as the log off and shutdown windows).

The next screenshots shows some of the changes achieved in the standard Windows interface:

My Computer Control Panel Internet Properties System Properties
Network Connections Shutdown dialog Log Off dialog Network Places

Key features:

  • GUI icons changed with the most real OS X icon package, with sizes from 16x16 px to 72x72 all with alpha transparency. Just quality!
  • Log off and shutdown dialogs tweaked emulating perfectly their counterparts in OS X.
  • Shell32.dll bitmaps changed (Explorer and Internet Explorer toolbars).
  • Some exclusive icons build by me only for this release.
  • Added a lot of files! Almost you complete GUI will be transformed.

System Files for Windows XP WITH NO SP1 installed
(no more in development)

If you're looking for the old set of System Files for Windows XP with NO service packs installed, please follow the next link:

System Files for Windows XP

This files are intended ONLY for use with Windows XP english, retail version with Service Pack 1 installed.
¡Very important! Please be sure to backup ALL your system files before replace them with this ones. I won''t accept any kind of responsability about damage to your system or data loss.
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