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Systray Icons
See screenshot

Getright Icons Replacement (Download Icon)

QCD Icons and GUI replacement (Player Icons)

Stobject.dll (Volume Icon)

Netshell.dll (Connection Icon)

Nvmctray.dll (Display Icon, only for Nvidia Cards)



Windows displays the icons in the system tray (systray) loading .ico files embedded within some executables and system files. Although there is some ways to “emulate” systray icons using programs such as ObjectBar, the true is that you’ll need to tweak some files in order to keep the usability and the features included with these icons, because they aren’t only images or shortcuts, almost all the times they’re mini-programs running in your taskbar.

How to tweak these icons?

You’ll need to modify the existent icons inside the files that are loaded in the systray, so changing these icons, you’ll change the appearance of your sytray, keeping the usability of your programs. I have tweaked some common programs and system files that does use of the systray replacing the embedded icons, trying to mix the OS X GUI philosophy with their Windows usability. Replacing your files with the mine ones, you’ll be able to see transfigured your system tray in something very similar to their counterpart in OS X.

What tweaked programs and files are available for download?

At this moment, only two tweaked programs are available, QCD 3 and Getright, and three system files: Netshell.dll, Stobject.dll and Nvmctray.dll. You can see the next screenshot for learn more about the location of these files and the icons replaced:

You don’t have tweaked the program that I use, but I there is an icon in this screenshot that fit fine with it

Then, please download the icon required (in .ico format) and replace it yourself. You can learn how to replace embedded icons inside system files and program files reading the tutorial listed below. Don't forget to send me your tweaked program so I can put it for download here!

Downloading and Download App icons (used with Getright)
Play, Pause, Stop and iTunes 3 icons (used with QCD)
Volume icon (used with sound.dll)
Connection Status icon (used with netshel.dll)
Display icon (used by nvcpl.dll)
WinAmp icon (I don't need explain it, right?)

Tutorial “Replacing embedded icons using ResHacker

Ok, you don’t have the icon or the tweaked program that I need!

Download the entire package of system tray icons (taken from OS X) released by Timan.

OS X Systray Icons

Important! The system files available for download from this page are ONLY for Windows XP. The programs such as QCD are OS independant.

Do you have some nice systray Icons? Please share it with the community! Send it (icons or files) to and I'll post it for download.


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Replacing embedded icons using ResHacker

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