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Things to pulish your OS-XP desktop.

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Jaguar Calculator Skins for Eurocalc

It's a sleek and accurate skin -with alpha blended borders and dropped shadows- for the excellent shareware Eurocalc from Cloanto. It will bring you a perfect calculator emulation!

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OS X SysTray icons replacement

We all want a realistic and accurate set of icons runnig in our systray, not these ugly XP icons that take away autenticity to our desktops. Here you'll find some solutions.

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Iceman's Flash Dock

Developed entirely in Flash MX, this dock is able to handle some features found only in the real OS X, such as a realistic zoomer magnification effect, opening applications animation and other visual features. Important! This dock will work on Win98, Win ME, Win 2K and Win XP, but won't do it in XP SP1 :(


Y'z Toolbar

M. Yamaguchi doesn’t stop to surprising me! This freeware application, will skin your explorer (the shell and internet explorer) toolbar. Do you remember Microgarden’s Themebar? Well, you can forget it, because YZ Toolbar has the best (and easiest) way to skin your toolbars. With the new English version released, this app becomes one of the best (yes, just like Yz Shadow) free apps on the net for achieve an accurate OS X look in your PC.


Update: I've done the first release of my Jaguar Toolbar! Give it a try right and remember, all the comments are welcome at the Contact Page.

Download Jaguar Theme for Y'z Toolbar


Y'z Shadow

It's one of the best free apps that you can find in the internet. This baby add nice and realistic OSX shadows to your windows, everything except the ObjectBar menus. The download page include a language version for english users. Many thanks to M Yamaguchi, the author of this nice app.

If you have some stuff and do you want to share it with the fellows, contact me through my Contact Page and I will put it here.
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