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Jaguar Dock

Download Jaguar Dock 1280x1024 version (2.53 Mb)

Download Jaguar Dock 1024x768 version (2.36 Mb)

20 / 08 / 02 Update! Now added OnClick effect, more OS X look & feel, you must try it!

14 / 08 / 02 At last! After a very long time in beta stage, finally I finish my new Jaguar Dock. Of course, it includes an Email notify feature (totally new!), a Home PopUp menu, and a very accurate look. The iTunes popup was deleted, mainly because a lot of people are using WinAmp 3 and I was unable to do it work :(  If somebody knows how can I use the Stardock's DX Player shortcuts with WinAmp 3, please let me know. Till then, Enjoy!

You can see some screenshots here:

  This screenshots are from the 1024x768 version. In the 1280x1024 version the submenus opens to the right.

Key features include:

  • "Jump" effect when you click over an icon!
  • Auto hiddeable! Just move your mouse over the buttom of your screen.
  • OS X realistic shadow Taskbar.
  • Super smooth animation with 10 frames, a candy for DesktopX 1.2.
  • An all new Home PopUp, including hardware, documents and applications submenus.
  • New Email notifier, now plays the real Jaguar sound when you got new email!

I wanna thank to Fireball who help me a lot trying the beta stuff and giving some cool ideas!


Aqua Dock (no more in development)

Download the 1024x768 version (787 kb)

Download the 1280x1024 version (1.14 mb)

It's the Iceman's OS X Dock for DesktopX, featuring the iTunes Control and Home Pop Up. Don't forget to read the txt included in the zip file, there is very important information. Please choose the proper version for you, depending of your screen resolution or preference.

This dock is intended to be useful as common tasks bars replacement in Windows (such as the quick launch bar) so here are represented a wide variety of tasks. This is the release including iTunes Control, wich let you use some shortcuts for WinAmp directly from the dock. In order to use it properly, you'll need have installed WinAmp.

NOTE: The iTunes Control won't work with WinAmp 3! You'll need to use WinAmp 2.x

The new Jaguar Dock is intended to use ONLY with DesktopX 1.2 (or above), otherwise you'll see a turtle jumping in the base of your screen.
You can download DesktopX (the trial version) from the Stardock's site. Plase think about pay for this cool and well made app.
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