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This page is a little effort to help to all people who like the OS X emulation.

What you'll find here? This page have links to files and/or programs to switch your boring standard Windows® box in something very closer to the excellent operative system from Apple®. Until Apple® decides to release their OS for the Intel® platform, we, Mac lovers, will have to wait.

What for to emulate? Many people are asking why some "geeks" are trying to modify their boxes in order to emulate another OS. The answer? I don't know it yet, but maybe you could help me (and to other people) to understand why my PC looks a lot better when I'm using emulation stuff. So now is you turn to speak...


Important news:

I'm back again!!!! Yes, this site and all its contents are being hosted in a new server. Who are the miracle makers? Clotz2000 and Subwoofer. They deserve all the credits for my back to scene. Clotz will be hosting this site, including the 90% of the downloads and everything else. Subwoofer is hosting the Jaguar VS and the DesktopX docks since some days ago (they're the most requested files).

So they deserve a big big applause, they're the responsible of that this site be online again.

Thank you very much indeed to you two guys!!!


05.11.2002 - Sone & MMR_85 Forums
Yes guys, some of the most active members of our community have a new forum. You'll find there some well known faces as Siddharth. I'll see you there!
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05.11.2002 - OS X emulation in
I've received an e-mail inviting me to see the new issue, which features a couple of articles about the OS X emulation and aqua-related stuff. Please check it out and of course post your comments!
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29.10.2002 - Wallpapers, Fonts and Sounds sections added!
Please go to the Stuff section in order to get them
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28.10.2002 - The new Jaguar 2.0 theme is out!
I don't need to explain it right?, Just read the instructions carefully, that's all.
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26.10.2002 - Shell32.dll for non-SP1 systems updated
By popular request, I've updated the shell32.dll file. It includes the new log-off tweaked dialog, altough there is an issue: when you switch a theme, the dialog "Please wait" will look messed up. Anyway, it's a very small price to pay. (See screenshot)
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19.10.2002 - Big advances in my new Jaguar theme
The past weeks i've been working in a major update to my Jaguar theme. It will include an improved Blue color scheme, plus two new schemes, Graphite and Brushed. It's unavailable for download yet, but I've posted some screenshots of the Brushed scheme in the forum, i hope you like it and of course, please post your opinions :)
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16.10.2002 - Marvilla has invited me to a new forum :)
Hey guys! I know, (and now even still down... while it comes up again, I hope to find you in the forum! I'll see you there ;)
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10.10.2002 - New tutorial "Replacing System Files in Windows XP"
At last! I've done this tutorial, it covers three different techniques and some additional info.
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08.10.2002 - System Files for SP1
I've done a big updated to my set of system files, now ready for Service Pack 1!
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28.09.2002 - Systray replacements
Some solutions for customize that essential part of the Windows GUI.
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28.09.2002 - Y'z Toolbar Theme
You'll find my new theme for this nice app in the Stuff section!
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10.08.2002 - Visual Styles
Visual styles section updated! Now you can download the new Jaguar theme.
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