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Victoria Beckham will be home alone….

Posted November 21, 2009 by tube2k in Celebrites

During the first half of the new year, Victoria Beckham is going to be without her husband, David, while he will be in Milan kicking a soccer ball around.

Victoria Beckham sucking

What does this mean? Victoria will be halfway around the world in Hollywood, all by herself when the kids are gone, and maybe even sucking off some young stud’s cock like she was a kid with a lollipop! The heaven won’t last forever, though, because sooner or later, David will come back home to spoil all the fun.

Why isn’t Victoria staying with David in Milan? Well, Victoria claims it’s because she wants her kids to stay in their Hollywood school, but maybe there’s something more, hidden behind the scenes, waiting in her bedroom….. (377)

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