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Hulk Hogan posts a creepy pic of his daughter on Twitter

Posted February 4, 2013 by jonmega in Celebrites
hulk hogan - legs

Hulk Hogan is lashing out at Web critics who thought it was weird that he posted a photo of his daughter, Brooke, showing off her hams.

The former wrestler and reality star, 59, shared the shot of his 24-year-old daughter sitting in a chair in a short dress and wrote: “Brooke’s legs.”

Comments immediately popped up saying The Hulk was “creepy,” “disgusting” and even suggested he was having an incestuous relationship with Brooke.

Today, Hogan is responding, by tweeting: “Brooke works out for 2hrs a day,a fan takes a picture,Brooke love it,tweets back thank u,proud dad tweets it,creeps and perverts everywhere.”

Brooke Hogan

Cover of Brooke Hogan


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